9 Strategies to unleash
your creativity

“Creativity is nothing but the mind set free'” -unknown

When describing myself a few years ago I would not have used creative as one of my attributes. I would tell OG’s (original gladiators) Wendy and Robin that I wasn’t creative like they were. Which was true and not true. I was NOT creative in the artistic sense like Robin or magical with words like Wendy but I was creative just differently. I liked to create solutions that help support people going through difficult times. I like to create new social conscious businesses where healing and prosperity are the focus. I like to be creative when I write and when I speak in front of others.  Above all, I love to create inspiration and ignite the fire in others.  I am creative, just differently. The truth is, we all are.

Creativity is one of the most powerful tools available to humans. Many of the world’s greatest challenges have been, and will be, solved by those that use their creativity to great effect. You’ll be surprised by just how much you can enhance your creativity.

All you need are a few tips, practice, and patience. Imagine what you could do with more creativity. What would you do with

Enhance your creativity and find more elegant solutions to life’s challenges:

1. Ask a child for an opinion. Children often have brilliant ideas and they are also very honest. You’ll have to reconsider the challenge to explain it clearly. This alone might spark new ideas. Children frequently have impractical solutions, but their ideas can open up new avenues of thought. Ask a child and listen to the answer. I know that my kids have given me some great ideas for being creative. My go to person for honest feedback is my 16 year old daughter, Mackenzie.

2. Try to be creative early in the morning and late at night. Those periods of time just after awakening and just before falling asleep are special. Your conscious mind isn’t fully alert and your ability to think freely and imaginatively is enhanced. Take advantage of these two prime creativity periods each day. I like to keep a journal near my bed at all times for this very reason. I also save all of my creative writing for the early morning.

3. Suspend your judgment. One of the biggest obstacles to creativity is premature judgment. I other words, stop talking sh** to yourself. All your ideas and creations won’t be good. Consider all the possibilities before dismissing any of the available options. Just put them all down on paper. I like to call these, brain-dumps.  Just let them rest on the paper, you only have to pick up the ones you want to.

4. Surround yourself with creativity. Spend time in museums, art galleries, or at the symphony. Read great literary works. Spend time with artists. I love to keep myself surrounded with creative people. I wear the art work from my friend Kai with my tattoos. I am literally wrapped in creativity.

Right now I am listening to Alicia Keys new book, More Myself. Her voice and story spark creativity inside me. She makes me want to take the voice lessons I have always wanted to take. Don’t worry, it’s on my list. I can’t do it today but when my french lessons are done, watch out now!

5. Come up with at least five new ideas each day. Great ideas are like great songs. You have to come up with a lot of them to discover a few hits. Keep your brain on the task by forcing yourself to be creative each day. You’ll be sure to find a few “hit” ideas each week. I keep a constant running idea brainstorm in my journal and I keep adding to it.

·Would you like to earn more money? Ask yourself, “What are five ways I can earn at least x-dollars each month?

6. What ideas would you give a friend in the same situation?Remove yourself from the equation and you’ll find that ideas flow more freely. Imagine a friend in the same situation you’re currently experiencing. What would you tell him? What ideas do you have? You can uncover some of your best ideas this way. I call this coaching yourself and it works. I do it ALL the time.  

7. Think while taking a walk. That’s the best for me. Actually, any simple activity can do. Mowing the lawn, running on a treadmill, knitting, vacuuming the carpet, or swimming laps are other good examples. These simple activities keep part of your practical mind busy, but the creative part of your mind is free to roam. It can be an effective time to think of your five daily ideas.

8. What would the most creative person you know do? Imagine what Thomas Edison would do or your very creative brother in law. Think about it and see what pops up.

9. Try using the right side of your brain more. The left side of your brain controls the right side of your body. If you’re right-handed, right-footed, and your right eye is dominant, the right side of your brain might need a jump-start.  Try writing with your left hand or hopping on your left foot. Cover your right eye for a few minutes. The past year I have been using my left hand to brush my teeth and I am taking french lessons to challenge me.  Meditation can also increase activity in the right side of the brain and I love me some meditation.  As I write this I am realizing I don’t meditate nearly enough. Note to self: Add meditation back to your morning and mid-day routine.

You can enhance the level of creativity you enjoy each day. You’re only using a small part of your mental capabilities. You have creative capabilities that would amaze you. Develop your creative skills and see the world from a new perspective. You can be more creative today than you were yesterday. Every step forward is a step forward.


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