Recovery Coaching

A HardBeauty coach is someone who will walk beside you in your journey of recovery no matter what you are recovering from. They help you create the life you want for yourself by encouraging you to define your goals and assisting you in identifying the stepping stones needed to reach those goals.  They are not advice givers or instructors. You can think of a coach as an advocate, ally and friend with a more structured relationship than you might have with someone in your personal life. 

HardBeauty coaches are professionals who have completed intensive training on how to be your partner in growth while not being in a position of authority. HardBeauty has some of the best peer coaches in the field. They are here to help you live your best life and thrive. Since all HardBeauty coaches are in recovery themselves, they empathize with your struggles and provide encouragement as role models. In short, if they can do it, so can you!


Coaching is always a choice.

It is never forced.


Choose your future and your life!

"I got sober with a lot of help from people and programs, but then, I needed help building a LIFE in sobriety. That's where my coach came in. She helped me find my true purpose, my passion and helped me get on my way to building a beautiful life."
- Britney, HardBeauty Client

"When I got clean, I didn't know who to turn to to help me navigate the world. I felt loss. My coach was a non-judgmental, guiding force in helping me re-enter society and repairing the damage I had done."
- Joel, HardBeauty Client