Youth Coaching

Are you a young person struggling? HardBeauty offers coaching to people 21 and under. Our founder, Racquel, has a special place in her heart for coaching youth. When she was young, she had no one to turn to who would listen, understand and guide her, and the results were substance misuse, trauma and self-destructive behavior. When she started HardBeauty, it was with youth in mind so that she could give them what she didn’t have: A friend, advisor and a partner in life who could help them figure it out and steer them towards an exciting future.


HardBeauty Youth Coaching offers young people the support that they need on their terms. We understand the needs of youth are unique and complicated, and we meet you where you are at. Whether you are dealing with addiction, isolation, bullying, feeling “different,” or are struggling with mental health issues, our coaches understand what you need and are trained professionals. They have lived through a lot of what you have lived through. Though we are all unique individuals, we share many commonalities with others. You are not alone, and when you feel like you are, a coach will be there to remind you. Our coaches can help you gain confidence, increase your self-worth, help you make friends, discover new interests and hobbies, maneuver academics and explore your future.

Is your child struggling? As a parent, it’s hard to know where to turn. HardBeauty coaches are thoroughly trained and certified in our HOPE Youth Life and Recovery program developed by Dr. Leah Mazzola at the Youth Coaching Institute or by CHOICES peer recovery training. 

Dr. Mazzola has designed developmentally appropriate and research-informed coaching using evidence-based practices focused in youth determination, experiential learning and positive interdependence.


Our coaches are adept at:

  • Resource optimization to enhance self-determination, self-efficacy, and self-advocacy  
  • Personal development to enhance self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-mastery
  • Social development to enhance other-awareness, social connection, and community
  • Structural support development to enhance self-determined life direction, goal orientation, and connection to external supports 


HardBeauty loves our Youth Community! 

We offer substance free events. 

Club Kick-It at HardBeauty Headquarters is a safe place for youth to gather. 

Coaching Possibilities

Below are a few common coaching areas for clients.


HOPE Coaching Team

Lisa Gwyn

Kimberly Schraud-Komarov

Jeremy Pavlik

Indigo Parks