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By HardBeauty

The HardBeauty Restore program is based on the premise that everyone – everywhere – have  access to the mind/body tools to heal.


Restore provides a safe space where psychic, mental, emotional and spiritual healing take place.  HardBeauty practitioners approach all training from a  holistic, trauma-informed, healing place. We explore healthier ways of eating, healthier ways of thinking, healthier ways of treating ourselves. And by doing so, we recover together.


We are peers in recovery. We walk with you, cry with you and laugh with you. We share healing space with you, we unite, connect and RESTORE with you.

Tiffany Kuwede

Master Level Reiki Practitioner

Tiffany Kuwhede is a Reiki Practitioner and has been offering Reiki to the HardBeauty community also since the organization was formed. Tiffany, along with Cortnie, created the Restore program and is now training people to become Reiki Practitioners.


Reiki is non-invasive, holistic energy work that aims to promote relaxation, stress reduction, and overall well-being. It involves the gentle laying of hands or hands-off techniques to facilitate the flow of life force energy, promoting self-healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Reiki practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, prescribe medications, or offer medical treatments.


Restore Reiki by HardBeauty has two service options:

  • Group Session (Offered through our Discover Your Recovery platform). This is offered on Friday evenings from 4:15pm-5:00pm only. Virtual or in-person at 840 Kinner St. Castle Rock, CO 80109.
  • Individual sessions ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour. Availability is subject to demand. Virtual or in-person.  

Reiki Attunement Training

  • Is there a belief in a life-force you hold?
  • Do you feel the desire to help others?
  • Are you interested in expanding your skill set to include energy work?


If this sounds like you, Restore by HardBeauty is pleased to offer Reiki Attunement levels training to work with energy and provide Reiki Sessions. With each level your tools, speed, and efficiency will increase.


Level 1: To self and others in person.
Level 2: Practice Reiki from a distance.
Level 3: Group reiki sessions and attune others with Reiki.

Cortnie Watson

Yoga Instructor

 Cortnie Watson has facilitated Restorative Yoga for HardBeauty employees and clients ever since the organization was formed. She is a certified yoga instructor uniquely focusing her talents on working with people who are recovering from trauma. Yoga practice is a mind, body, spirit practice that reaches all aspects of our humanity to uncover inner peace and change. She believes yoga to be truly transformational and is working to build the program to reach a wide audience.


Cortnie has been certified in various forms of trauma-informed yoga, and will be offering different modes of the practice to bring you the most diverse, healing yoga groups – all for free! – geared towards the recovery community.