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As the World Comes Back to Life and Death

For the last 376 days I have been at home, staying away from people, stranger and loved ones. I have been living in “An Abundance Of Caution”. I have the privilege of a home, technology, safety, and jobs I can work from home. Recently I was again privileged to have the opportunity to get my vaccines.

Yesterday my home state had another mass murder by automatic gunfire by a person who was bullied, and it has been said has mental health struggles. One of the family members who is grieving their loved one’s life said, their loved one would not want us to live in fear, but to continue to live our lives.

Today I made the choice to return to the gym and my experience was overwhelming. I walked in and saw about 8 women getting ready to work out, just like any other day. I was so overwhelmed to see “normal” I started crying and just started talking to the woman who was closest to me. We shared a few kind words showing support and love for each other and other people. I allowed my emotions and tears to flow, with no apology.

 We wished each other well and went to work out, our eyes met a few times and we both smiles behind our masks and gave a wave. I may or may not ever see her again, but those moments we shared will be with me forever.

    As we come back to life, please look out for the strangers around you. A moment changes your life forever.

    I write this with love, gratitude, anger, grief, confusion, and hope. We are all in recovery from this pandemic and the best way to have a successful recovery is to find a community to support you. We are all community for each other in one way or another. Reach out and support the stranger next to you today.

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Tiffany Kuhwede

Together we are Unbroken               


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