Cortnie Watson

Cortnie has been with HardBeauty as the resident yoga instructor since its inception. Now she serves as Restore Program Director, Client Liaison, Registered Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher and certified Reiki Practitioner.… Continue reading Cortnie Watson

Mackenzie Garcia

As a daughter whose parents struggled with addiction, recovery has been a vital part of Mackenzie’s life for 14 years. For the last 5 years, she has experienced the joy… Continue reading Mackenzie Garcia

Frankie Rowe

Frankie is in recovery from SUD, mental health, and domestic violence. She grew up in an abusive household and then found an abusive partner. Frankie became a HardBeauty client and… Continue reading Frankie Rowe

Jean Unger

For Jean, community-building has been the key to her sustained recovery and she is very involved in the Denver recovery community. This is how she came to be a part… Continue reading Jean Unger

Tammy Worthly, BSSW

She comes to HardBeauty after working as the Social Services Supervisor at the Salvation Army for five years. Tammy got sober in 2011 after social services was threatening to take… Continue reading Tammy Worthly, BSSW

Nathan Huntley

Nathan comes from an intercultural broken family background where addiction, abuse, and trauma of all manner were the norm. After 15 years of heavy substance use wrestling with big questions,… Continue reading Nathan Huntley

Indigo Parks

Indigo has long had career aspirations to become an advocate for social justice and a support for people who are recovering. They graduated with a double major in Psychology and… Continue reading Indigo Parks

Sabryna Nussbaum

Sabryna Nussbaum was a HardBeauty client before becoming a Recovery Coach. In recovery herself from family-based trauma, the loss of her mother, self-harm and depression, she has come out the… Continue reading Sabryna Nussbaum