Don’t leave things unspoken.
don’t leave love on the table.

Closure and Peace while living. 

Coaching changes me. Not only do my clients discover beauty through my work but I also to find work for myself, which uncovers even more beauty in my own life. This is one of those transforming moments.

Last week I was working with a client and the subject of powerlessness and regret came up. Her grandmother has stage 4 cancer and that’s #hard. We dug in the dirt of those two subjects for a while and then the idea of a spoken letter bloomed. The regret was coming from things unsaid and the illusion that she could turn back time. She wrote a letter and spoke her heart. She gave a gift and so did I. Most of my life I have been unable to communicate with my grandfather due to a language barrier and distance. My grandfather doesn’t speak any English and I speak very little French. I speak enough to hold a conversation and get around but I don’t how to communicate the heart and soul. That’s were my mama comes in. I wrote my heart in English and she translated it for me. I have always loved her writing, especially in French. It’s beautiful.

Today she sent me his words.  

Today I experienced the #hardbeauty of closure and peace while still living.

Humble, thick baptism-like tears I cried this morning.

I am again transformed.

The truth is we ALL would turn back time and change a few things if we could. Especially spending more time and sharing our hearts with those who have passed.

The reality is that we only have today. We have the power TODAY to tell those we love they how they have impacted our lives. I believe words of affirmation is a love language that we ALL share. At the end of our lives we just want to know if we made a difference.

YOU have the power to change someone’s life, merely by sharing you heart.

Who can you give the gift of your words, today?

(Like today today, not tomorrow today)

Who needs to hear ALL they have done for you?

 I challenge you to write AND send those words today. Let me know what happens when you do.

I see you greater than you see yourself. -Racquel Garcia


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