Amy Walker

Amy brings a wealth of recovery experience to the coaching world being in recovery from substance misuse, mental health, chronic pain and illness. She has been in recovery from SUD since 2016. Amy is proud of her Texas roots, but fell in love with small-town Colorado life in 2005 and has called it home since. As a devoted mom of five, she has been homeschooling for three years. Amy is committed to living her recovery out loud to show other women and moms that there is a way out.

Amy got connected to HardBeauty through an overdose awareness event held in Castle Rock, CO. It was the first recovery-oriented event she’d known Castle Rock to offer, and having lost her little sister to overdose, Amy had to be a part of it. She received her CCAR coaching credential and joined the HardBeauty team.

What we do here at HardBeauty is truly unique. Each of us has the freedom to bring our own focus and area of expertise to our coaching. For me, that is working with others who have chronic pain.”