Alisha Norton

Alisha spent her troubled childhood being raised in an environment of addiction and abuse, suffering terribly throughout and turning to drugs, alcohol and self-harm to cope. She formed relationships with other troubled teens and suffered a myriad of sexually abusive encounters. Surrounded by this darkness, her mother, also in recovery and working as a peer coach, recommended she turn to HardBeauty and Alisha started working with a coach and a therapist. Not wanting her son to suffer from the same trauma she suffered from growing up, she sought help.

After 30 days in treatment and working with a HardBeauty coach, she completed YOUniversity peer coach training and now is helping others recover from trauma and forge new paths to break the chain of addiction and violence in their own lives

“Thanks to my strength, resilience, hard work and the support of HardBeauty and family, my son will never have to see me falling apart or choosing drugs or alcohol over him.”