Jessica Waddel

Jessica is a former nurse and the mother of two beautiful daughters. After she broke her back during the birth of her second daughter, she became addicted to pain medication. In an abusive relationship at the time, and after her doctor cut off her prescription, Jessica served a four-year prison sentence for illegally prescribing herself the medication.

While in prison, her brother took custody of her children and she has not been allowed to see them since. After her release, she returned to drug use and survived an attempted suicide. Finally she went to detox and rehab, embraced recovery and pursued her certification as a peer recovery coach so that she could help others recover. Now she uses her lived experience to help women and mothers who are facing similar struggles. Her mission is to provide hope, guidance, and support, and show that it is possible to overcome addiction and rebuild a meaningful life.

“With the help of God, my sponsor, and the support of Cocaine Anonymous (CA) and its steps, today I live a full life in recovery.”