Indigo Parks

Indigo has long had career aspirations to become an advocate for social justice and a support for people who are recovering. They graduated with a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs with the intention of working towards supporting people who have been part of an unjust system. At HeardBeauty, they are able to use their knowledge to match people with the resources that will welcome and support them and meet their needs.

Indigo is in recovery from depression, anxiety, disordered eating, and gender dysphoria. It has been a journey combating dysphoria in addition to facing stigmas and negativity. They want to use their own experience to help others whose experiences are similar.
Doing both – navigation and recovery coaching – gives Indigo a chance to use her own skills and knowledge to help people directly while also being able to refer people to the resources that HardBeauty has vetted and feels confident working with.

I am passionate about art. I use it to heal, and I will use it with my clients to heal. Life is beautiful once we live our authentic selves.”