Jeremy Pavlik

Jeremy comes to recovery coaching with a story of surviving and overcoming very difficult circumstances. Abused as a child, he turned to drugs and alcohol. He committed a crime and ended up spending 15 years of a 16-year sentence in prison where he didn’t learn anything about trauma or substance abuse. So, when he was released, his heroin addiction left him homeless and estranged from family.

He watched people die around him from addiction while his own world fell apart until someone came to his aid and convinced him that his life was worth living. He checked into detox and has been clean and sober ever since.

Now, Jeremy has multiple years in recovery, he is married and a present father to his kids. He is CCAR certified and Choices certified as a recovery coach and feels blessed to be in a position to help other people who share his unfortunate circumstances.

I am a recovery Specialist because I want everyone to have a chance at life and because unfortunately there are so many that never will.”