Sabryna Nussbaum

Sabryna Nussbaum was a HardBeauty client before becoming a Recovery Coach. In recovery herself from family-based trauma, the loss of her mother, self-harm and depression, she has come out the other side. With the help of her coach and the HardBeauty community, Sabryna is well on her way to building a beautiful, joyous and meaningful life.
Sabryna grew up in Monument, Colorado and currently lives in Colorado Springs. She is a certified CCAR Recovery Coach, and has completed a Choices certification. She is certified to work with youth through the Youth Coaching Institute.
Sabryna is in the unique position to work with youth and young adults, helping them recover and build a new life that they love.

Working with youth is my passion because I’m one of them! I feel honored to be in this position, and I will work hard to make sure young people are finding their way in HardBeauty and in the world.”