Tammy Worthly

She comes to HardBeauty after working as the Social Services Supervisor at the Salvation Army for five years.

Tammy got sober in 2011 after social services was threatening to take her two kids away from her. She had turned to substances to ease the pain and trauma of being abused. Now, she works as both a coach and a navigator for people in recovery. Tammy is an avid motorcyclist and enjoys sobriety events (if they involve motorcycle rides, even better), church, road trips, new adventures and new foods.

Tammy’s faith is very important to her and she serves as a Ministry Leader and CO State Representative for Celebrate Recovery Inside, a faith-based recovery program, in charge of launching meetings in jails, institutions, rehabilitation centers and prisons.

Everyone deserves healing, serenity and most importantly restored hope no matter their struggles, recovery area and their belief systems. I love walking with those in all stages of recovery, guiding and supporting them to find a new way to life. Creating new methods to assist the most people.”