Savannah Putman

Savannah is part of the original team that formed HardBeauty and has been instrumental in growing the organization. She wears many hats including organizational structure, developing processes, writing grants and coaching clients.

Savannah is in recovery from mental health issues related to multiple sexual assaults and traumas. She is a mother to an LGBTQIA teenager and a little boy, as well as the bonus mama to a fantastic young woman. Her long road to recovery began at 15 when she survived a suicide attempt.

Savannah is CCAR and Choices certified in coaching and has a history working in many different professional fields.

As a mother, my mission is to raise whole-hearted humans. As a coach, my purpose is to guide and affirm people through their personal journey to self actualization and acceptance. With HardBeauty, my dream is to be a strong link in an ever-growing chain of people supporting other people along their journey towards realizing their fullest potential”