Jean Unger

For Jean, community-building has been the key to her sustained recovery and she is very involved in the Denver recovery community. This is how she came to be a part of HardBeauty. She joined one of the first Gladiator meetings that Racquel facilitated and immediately felt welcomed and wanted to support Racquel and HardBeauty as much as possible.

Jean writes and edits content for HardBeauty communications materials and assists with Public Relations efforts. In addition, she facilitates her writing workshops – Pen2Paper – through the DYR platform. You might find Jean mingling at a Denver recovery event, or on stage telling a story at a recovery open mic.

Jean lives in Erie with her husband. They are both dog lovers and currently have one lab named Butters (after the South Park character)

There is such an abundance of talent in the recovery community. I love to match people up and introduce them to each other so that we can share our beauty and love and reach as many people as possible.”