Tim Kitchens

Tim Kitchens is a Regis University graduate, achieving a Master’s in Counseling in 2020, where he was the only recipient of the Excellence in Practice Award that year. Tim is a dual licensed counselor: LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor), meaning Tim is licensed to offer mental health therapy in the state of CO; and LAC (Licensed Addiction Counselor), meaning Tim is licensed to treat substance use disorders in the state. Tim has been working in the addiction field for over 9.5 years, with work stemming from community volunteerism to inpatient hospitals to outpatient treatment centers. As an avid learner who continually researches trending topics, Tim has dedicated himself to ongoing training in the psychological field, from work within specific populations (i.e. adolescents, substance use) to theoretical/ modality approaches (i.e., existentialism, dialectical behavioral therapy, trauma-informed/-focused/-responsive care).

Tim is active in his advocacy work in the substance use field through sitting on the NAADAC-affiliate board for Colorado, CAAP. He has been a member of this board for 5 years now, where he currently serves as the secretary and heads the prevention committee. Tim dedicates himself to a service-oriented mindset and feels his work with HardBeauty continues to offer him the ability to be a responsible community member.