Tiffany Kuhwede

Having experienced violence and trauma in her own life, and overcoming the adverse effects that came with it, Tiffany works with others who are in recovery from abuse, neglect, trauma, mental illness, and addiction. She comes to HardBeauty with over six years of Victim Advocacy experience supporting survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence and Human Trafficking/Exploitation.

Tiffany has lived in Colorado Springs for 20 years and has formed relationships with the recovery community and the community in general. She has a BA in Communication and Psychology from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Tiffany has grown with HardBeauty from her role as Peer Recovery Coach into the Director of Coaching, Program Developer, and HBYOUniversity facilitator. She is a CPFS through COPA and a nationally certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, through NAADAC, walking along side those in recovery at the intersection of Intimate Partner and Family Violence and mental health challenges.